1.Ruoholahden Pysäköinti Oy rents parking spaces only for local residents and communities. Your address must be at Ruoholahti district. For queries in Jätkäsaari residental parking contact Rokki-parkki  http://www.jatkasaarenpysakointi.fi

2.Shortest leasing agreement period is 3 months.

3.One household or community can have at most two parking spaces leased at the same time. Additional parking space leases may be terminated unilaterally.

4.You can apply up to two different parking spaces when leaving the application. The application is valid for one year and must be renewed annually by the customer. Your application will be stored to our queue system and you will be contacted when a vacant spot is found.

5.Safety deposit(2 months rent) must be paid to the company account before the leasing agreement takes place. Parking identification, keys and remote control if necessary, will be provided to the customer when the payment has been approved.

6.You may not transfer the leasing agreement to a third party.

7. If you wish to rent a parking space for a caravan car, please contact customer support first.