Customer support for E-vehicle spots

Customer support pages follow link below

You can also email us at tai soittaa 24/7 asiakaspalveluumme:  0800 02200

Kellosaarenkatu 6-8 new parking area

Our new parking area has a total of 10 parking spots equipped with elecric vehicle charging outlets and an additional 12 outside parking spaces equipped with normal heating outlets

Cost of rent for an outside parking spot

37,00 €/kk ulkoalueen normaali autopaikkavuokra + 15,00€/kklatauspalvelumaksu* eli yhteensä 52,00€ /kkhae autopaikkaa   here

Ruohonlahdentori warm hall

Ruoholahdentori warm hall has 18 new parking spots equipped with electric vehicle charging outlets

Warm hall parking space rent for electric vehicles

100,00 €/month parking hall rental + 15,00 €/month electric vehicle charging cost totaling 115€/month €/month

Parking application   here 

Electric vehicle parking space rentals have an additional charge of 15€/month which includes Liikennevirta Oy service package. The service package includes  Liikennevirta Oy country-wide charging network at your disposal.

Virta Charging outlets operate at 22kW power. The price of electricity is currently 0,15€/kWh