Electric outlets must be kept locked at all times

Wires for the car heaters must be removed whenever the car is not hooked up. Electricity from the pole may not be used to charge an electric car or any other electric vehicle.

Unhooked wires for warming will be removed by the maintenance company and can be purchased back for a fee.
Normal powered block heaters and and interior heaters may be used simultaneously(2hrs at a time)

General terms and Instructions for parking
Parking spaces are meant for registered and insured vehicles that are in active use

Storing Boats, Trailers, Lorries, Snowmobiles, Mobile homes etc. is not allowed

Parking space use can not disturb other peoples use for their parking space

You may not use the parking space as a place to store items such as furniture or tires. These kinds of items will be removed from the perimeters.
Try to avoid unnecessary idling of your vehicle and keep your parking space clean

Loitering, playing and skateboarding is not allowed on the parking spaces

Washing cars on the parking space is forbidden.

Parking Identification
Displaying parking ID is mandatory always when parking outside. The parking ID must be clearly visible in a place where it can be easily observed.
A car without a valid parking ID violates the parking agreement and is therefore susceptible to a fine.