Business Identity Code

Ruoholahden Pysäköinti Oy has been registered to the Finnish Trade Register on the 26th of June 1991 and the Business Identity Code is 0861107-6

Field of activity

In the Ruoholahti district of Helsinki:

-Manage parking spaces, parking lots and parking areas

-Practice parking business

-Owning, managing and upkeep of common spaces of shareholders

-Managing real-estate and resident services when necessary

Parking Spaces

Parking Halls:

The company owns four parking facilities that have a total capacity of 340 indoor parking spaces. In addition, the company has control of 70 parking spaces, according to the detailed plan provision, in a facility owned by Ruohoparkki Oy.

Outside parking spaces:

The company holds 25 different parking spaces in the Ruoholahti district. The capacity is approximately 783 parking spaces equipped with electic poles.

Club room and sports hall

The company manages three different club rooms at Selemärenkatu 10 and a sports hall equipped with a sauna facilities at Kellosaarenkatu 3. The spaces are owned by shareholders of the company. Sports hall facilities have been let to Sulka-Sport Oy on a long term lease.

Ownership of lots

All parking spaces and halls are located in rented lots. They have been rented from the city of Helsinki on a long term lease.


Ruoholahden Pysäköinti Oy shareholders consist of condominiums and real estate companies located in the Ruoholahti district. The Articles of association state, that the company provides its services at cost price. No larger fees are charged from shareholders than necessary to provide adequate service.