In addition to these prices, we charge a security deposit in the beginning of the rental agreement. The security deposit is two months rent and will be returned when the rental agreement is terminated.
If you wish to change your parking space an additional one month rent will be charged.
Ruoholahden Pysäköinti Oy Price List
Outside parking 37,00€/month
Ruohoparkki site Max height 2,20 M 70,00€/month
Kellosaarenkatu parking hall Max. height 2,20 M 76,00€/month
Sports hall(Palloiluhalli) Max.height 2,10 M 76,00€/month
Jaalaranta hall Max. height 2,20 M 68,00€/month
Warm hall Max. height 2,20 M 100,00€/kk
If the customer does not return keys or the access control identifier, they will be subject to the following charges:
Electricity pole key 10,00€
Parking ID 10,00€
Exec-key 20,00€
Jaalarannan hall ID 40,00€
Sports hall(Palloiluhalli) remote control 175,00€
Ruohoparkki ID 15,00€
Warm hall ID 40,00€