Highlighted facts from customer survey: 21,6% of reported owning a chargeable vehicle 64,7% planned to have a chargeable car as their next on 60% plan on purchasing a new car within 4 years 80% reported driving less than 300km per week 66,4% reported driving less than 30km per day 86% finds electric charging necessary
Our offices are closed on the 6th,24th and 31th of December. On 23rd and 30th of December we close at 14:00
The electric outlets in regular parking spaces are meant only for heating your car interior and engine. All regular outlets operate with a maximum 2 hour timer. Charging and electric vehicle through these outlets is prohibited. Heater cables that are not plugged into a parked car will be removed by Kotikatu Oy.
Electric Vehicles

Ruoholahden pysäköinti Oy

Our new parking area has a total of 10 parking spots equipped with elecric vehicle charging outlets and an additional 12 outside parking spaces equipped with normal heating outlets

Parking Application 

For private use

Parking Instructions

Instructions for parking spaces can be found here

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

For Companies

Parking spaces for companies

Remember to take heating cables from outlets

Maintenance will always remove unplugged cables from outlets

They can be retrieved from Kotikatu Oy Jätkäsaari Atlantinkatu 7 during office hours

Customer support for E-vehicle spots

Customer support pages follow link below

You can also email us at 


Or call our 24/7 customer service

 0800 02200


Frequently Asked Questions can be found here


Ruoholahden pysäköinti Oy as a company

Electric Vehicles

Ruoholahden Pysäköinti Oy offers parking spaces with electric car charging outlets

Charging speed

With Liikennevirta Oy outlets you can fully charge a typical eletric vehicle within 8 hours. 

Charging Network

As a Liikennevirta Oy client you gain access to a country wide charging network

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Office hours Monday – Wednesday 9-16 Friday 9-15 Tuesday and Thursday we are closed

   phone 010 228 1093

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Petri Nurmi

email: petri.nurmi@realia.fi

Head of Board

Heikki Miettinen

Service, cleaning and Meeting Rooms 

Kotikatu Oy, JätkäsaariAtlantinkatu 700200 HELSINKI Customer Service 010 270 8888 (24 H) email: jatkasaari@kotikatu.fi

RUOHOPARKKI real estate service:Suomen Pysäköintipalvelu Oy Klaarantie 300200 Helsinki Customer Service p. 010 830 8500 email: info@sppoy.fi