Ruoholahden Pysakointi Oy and Electric Cars

The board of Ruoholahden Pysäköinti Oy has decided to start providing services for electric vehicles.

Installation of charging outlets is underway at Kellosaarenkatu 6-8 and
at Ruoholahdentori hall during the Summer of 2020.

You can now apply for a parking spot with an electric outlet here

A total of 20 parking spots will be built to Kellosaarenkatu 6-8 from which
ten will be fitted with a charging outlet. In addition 18 charging outlets
shall be installed to Toriparkki. This requires an investment to enhance the
electric infrastructure in the hall in order to support the under construction and future electric vehicle charging outlets.

The board chose Liikennevirta Oy as the service provider for the charging stations. Stations are model Virta Public ICU Eve 2x22kW. With such a system a fully electric vehicle will have an average charging time between 4 to 5 hours, assumed that the vehicle supports charging at 11kW. A typical size 15kWh hybrid is expected to be fully recharged in a similar time assuming 3.7kW charge power.

Renting an electric vehicle spot is subject to a small additional monthly fee which covers the service package of Liikennevirta Oy. With this package you are entitled to the country-wide charging network of Liikennevirta Oy.

The contractor agreement has been signed and the works are expected to be finished by the end of Summer 2020.

For this pilot project the company has applied for ARA funding, which covers up to 50% of the investment costs. The whole project costs are estimated at approximately €100 000.

There are plans to expand the project to the following areas: Jaalaranta Hall, Palloiluhalli parking hall and Kellosaarenkatu Hall and to chosen outside parking spaces. The schedule has not been decided and will be rolled out in steps, if executed on.

Current progress (upd. 29.7.2020)

The installation of charging stations 18pcs is now complete at Toriparkki, Lämmin Halli. Ruoholahden Pysäköinti waits for a tailor made main electricity centre to be delivered (approx. September, Covid19 influences this). After its installation, cabling etc. the service is ready to be utilized.

At Selkämerenkatu 6-8 outdoor area construction work, asphalt etc. are now ready. On top of 10 pcs charging stations, 12 pcs warming stations are now being finalized and should be ready at week# 32. Main electricity centre should arrive so that the field is operational at week# 36.

Regarding before mentioned parking slots, users will be changed during the time so that all these charging parking slots will be utilized by people who benefit out of charging service. Parking company does all under its power that the exchange is as fluent as possible for the end user.

The pricing for these charging service parking slots will be a bit higher than normal places. On top of this the end user pays a monthly service fee for Liikennevirta and the electricity one consumes.